Easy And Fast Way To Create A Gmail Account

Due to the fact that near and far dear ones can be reached with only a single click, Email – electronic mail is the best information exchange tool.

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Snapchat Memories

The popular social media Snapchat, recently added a feature dubbed ‘Snapchat Memories’ which permits its users to keep on to their photos and videos for a wee longer than before.

It’s an accessible-within-the-app gallery of snaps which one can search and share.

This unique feature preserves the snaps on the social media’s servers that automatically gather as saved snaps that in addition get separated into various distinct categories according to the location.

Furthermore, using keywords such as food, saloon as well as hotel, users can also search.

The Snapchat Memories feature is now available for users who have updated the application through iOS and Android stores after they had received a snap from the Snapchat Team informing them of the updated version’s availability. 

Now, a new extra icon is present below the camera button of the main camera interface of the Snapchat app; swiping it gives access to the Snapchat Memories.

Users can then view a series of tabs enabling him to switch between viewing snaps, stories and camera roll.

How To Make Memories?

In order to make a new memory, using his choice filters and stickers, the user has to create a snap. Afterward, he should click on the save icon to save the snap in his camera roll or gallery.

 Therefore, the snap will be stored in the Memories section instead of in the roll.

Remarkably, through the Memories feature, a story can be created. This is achievable under the Memories section where a user will have to select and hold down a specific snap, then click the ‘My Snap’ icon which is atop the screen.

Once this is completed, he should click the ‘Create a story from this snap’ icon, and then select additional snaps he desires to as well add. Finally, he can easily save or send this new snap.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that when a user posts a snap to the story taken in the last 24 hours, he will get a frame around it alongside the timestamp.

In addition, if the eggplant photos exist, they can be deleted under the ‘My Eyes Only’ section within the Memories feature.

To do this, users need to press and hold on to the snap, tap ‘My Snap’ and select ‘My Eyes Only’ in that order.

The Memories feature’s most interesting part is that snaps saved under it are as easily accessible from other devices.

Hence, as far it is properly used, it can be said that Snapchat is good. If parents and guardians do not maintain a steady check on the kids, then they will endure the many consequences.

Easy And Fast Way To Create A Gmail Account

Due to the fact that near and far dear ones can be reached with only a single click, Email – electronic mail is the best information exchange tool.

One can discover all required components for effective organization and well-organized correspondence with e-mail as if features full options of customization alongside powerful tools.

Given the extended use of internet nowadays, it is imperative that every individual owns at least one e-mail account to serve as a very useful information portal as well as a gateway to many websites.

Another interesting part of it is the fact that to set up a new e-mail account is totally free and it does not take a lot of time at all. The process takes only a few minutes.

Following the wane of electronic mail giants Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo, a lot of people are swapping every day to Google mail services.

More people now use Gmail because it is quick and easy to create and because of its increasing popularity.

Also, individuals and organizations alike now prefer Gmail as it offers easy and smooth access to other products of Google such as Google Drive, YouTube and Google+.

It is even impossible to operate an Android phone without a working Gmail account.

Creating A Gmail Account For Free

Open the Google mail website – www.gmail.com on your internet-enabled device.

Click on the “Create an account” box on the website. This should redirect you to a page tagged “Create your Google account”.

With your details, complete the form. Supply your name, gender, date of birth and other related information.

Pick a username sensibly as the username will become your Google mail address. Since you will share your username with people you intend to connect with later, it is better to choose a sober and simple one.

Meanwhile, you will be suggested various options if your choice username has been taken. You can decide to think up one novel and unique or select from the alternatives.

Reasonably create a password. Your password should be unique and it must be an aggregation of numbers, alphabets, and symbols. Pick a simple easy-to-remember one.

For verification purposes, you need to put an alternative e-mail identity. For your email confirmation, you should ask your friend to supply you his ID since you are a new user.

Completing the CAPTCHA – a tool for verification which makes sure it is a human and not a robot that wants to create the account– is essential. In case you find it hard to read the captcha, click on the refresh box to get another one.

Assenting to the privacy policy is another very crucial step. It is impossible to continue your registration if you do not assent to the privacy policy.

Patiently peruse the whole privacy policy to know what Google is allowed to do or not with your provided information. Check the box if you are OK with the conditions and terms.

Click next. Anytime a new Google mail account is created, ditto is a Google plus account. The former is Google’s social network site. Here you can add friends, like the work of others, put a picture and even share personal thoughts.

After you are done, you will click on the “Continue to Gmail” box. Then, you can be back to your Gmail account, begin to send emails or visit any of the other Google sites (services).

Automatically, you will be logged in on Google Drive, Google+, YouTube, or any other Google services on your device.

You are now a proud owner of a Gmail – Google account.